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Tomrum poster


Tinus de Schunard lives in Maison Farfelu, a magical place you would not believe existed, unless you’ve been there. In a staging he confronts his dark sides. Unexpected visits open a world where it is …


Tie a Yellow Ribbon

  Estranged from her family due to a childhood indiscretion with her white brother, a young Korean adoptee woman seeks to regain a sense of home by exploring ties with the Asian Americans she meets …



After a violent episode in biology class, the outsider Lykke begins to change. There is something very wrong and soon a big showdown with the outside world awaits. The beast in her has been awakened…

Megaheavy Poster Final


MEGAHEAVY is about Jolly – a 14 years old introvert girl who is in love with her classmate Kenneth. But one day her world is turned upside down when the neighbor’s son arrives to the …


En Sikker Vinder

One evening after practice in the skating rink, Emilie is pointed out as the team’s representative for the upcoming games. A role she accepts not understanding the consequences it will have later that night.

Color of a Doubt: an Urban Fable Poster

Color of a Doubt: an Urban Fable

Too often the only thing you see is everything you can’t. Chris Parker (Vincent Piazza) is a photographer who’s been slaving over his latest photos, pictures capturing the vibrant hues of the city that people …

Basic Emotions poster

Basic Emotions

Four roommates. Three stories. One film. Basic Emotions tells the stories of four Manhattan roommates: Alicia, a flighty and seductive artist; John, an accountant and trapped dreamer; Dahlia, a no-nonsense investment banker and Ethan, a …