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Basic Emotions

Four roommates. Three stories. One film. Basic Emotions tells the stories of four Manhattan roommates: Alicia, a flighty and seductive artist; John, an accountant and trapped dreamer; Dahlia, a no-nonsense investment banker and Ethan, a politically motivated writer.

Told in three separate but intertwined short films, the stories come together to show how young urban professionals struggle with insecurities, create facades, express compassion and struggle to believe in themselves.

  • Basic Emotions: Annette Arnold (Dahlia) looking out of the window
  • Basic Emotions Film Still
  • Basic Emotions: Behind the Scenes
  • Basic Emotions: Director Georgia Lee and Director of Photography Sean Mewshaw
  • Basic Emotions: Director Georgia Lee, Lynn Marie Stetson (Alicia) and Annette Arnold (Dahlia)
  • Basic Emotions: Director Julie Pham, Lynn Marie Stetson (Alicia) and Peter Russo (John)
  • Basic Emotions: Lynn Marie Stetson (Alicia) and Annette Arnold (Dahlia)
  • Basic Emotions: Lynn Marie Stetson (Alicia) and Peter Russo (John)
  • Basic Emotions poster
  • Basic Emotions: Lynn Marie Stetson (Alicia) on bed
  • Basic Emotions: Lynn Marie Stetson (Alicia)
  • Basic Emotions: Director Tom Moon, Eric Wippo (Ethan) and Annette Arnold (Dahlia)
  • Basic Emotions poster

Directed by
Georgia Lee (Happiness & Sadness)
Julie Pham (Anger & Fear)
Thomas Moon (Surprise & Disgust)

Written by
Ty DeMartino (Happiness & Sadness)
Helen Truong & Julie Pham (Anger & Fear)
Rock Shaink Jr. (Surprise & Disgust)

Produced by
Thomas Yong

Director of Photography
Sean Mewshaw (Happiness & Sadness)
Milton Kam (Anger & Fear)
Eric Lin (Surprise & Disgust)

David Wheir

Production Designer
Angelique Clark

Costume Designer
Mei Lai Hippisley Coxe

Music by
Sam Sutton

Casting Director
Amy Gossels

Production Manager
Jamil Ellis

First Assistant Director
John Fiorelli

Second Assistant Director
Steven Shapiro

Script Supervisor
Joshua Freeman

Production Sound Mixer
John Colucci

Make Up Artist / Hairstylist
Jeannette Stanton

Art Director
Scott Holdredge

Set Dressers
Sandra Scurria
Virgil Dorjo

First Assistant Camera
Hiram Soto (Happiness & Sadness)
Tracey Gudwin (Anger & Fear)
Sarah Morton (Anger & Fear)
Daniel Vecchione (Surprise & Disgust)

Nicholas Olson

Key Grip
Timothy Kelly

Zach Sullivan
Kambui Olujimi

Wardrobe Supervisor
Gillian Austin

Production Coordinator
Leonardo A. Baquero

Angelique Clark
David Wheir

Storyboard Artist
Conrad Oakley

Key Production Assistant
Ethan Goldberger
Courtney Booker
Susanna Kim
Fleur Amesz
Jelani Ellis
Alexa Cuevas
Chris Aran
Nathan Eckenrode
Gordon Austin
Mia Riverton

Casting Assistants
Jennifer Kim
Jonathan Edwards
Allison Wightman
Madeleine Cornet
Joel Moss
Michael Nachaun
Meghan Perlman

Ty DeMartino

Publicity Photographer
Jesper Justesen

Graphic Designer
Mathilde Møberg

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